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Road Reclamation & Cement Stabilisation

Rejuvenate Your Tired Tracks via Rippers, Crushers, Graders and Vibrating Plates.

What are the benefits of this system?

  • Cheaper than 'topping up' track with expensive aggregates
  • The road is effectively reshaped according to the situation enabling water to run off and not sit on the surface and cause future potholing
  • Environmentally friendly due to the recycling of the track
  • Creates the 'fines' to bind the road together and give it the strength it needs
  • The road is ripped to score a keyway in the track to lock the road in place
  • This system can be used on waste pads, yards, car parks and tracks
  • The crusher can also be used in land reclamation to crush stones before reseeding. Why spend endless amount of hours 'picking' stones when you can crush them?
  • Enables the use of waste rubble in tracks so that it can be recycled into a useful material
  • Through the use of specialist vibrating plates it brings the finer material to the top to give a smooth running surface
  • Why not stabilise the track through the incorporation of cement dust

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  • Photo of Road Reclamation

    Road Reclamation

  • Photo of Road Reclamation
Tyre track